Safe Boating: Know More, Save a Life

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Boat smart, boat safe, boat sober.

Safe Boating: Know More, Save a Life

Boat with confidence!  Preferred Mutual shares these tips on how to boat with caution.

It takes more than a life jacket to save a life on the water.  It starts with choosing to boat safely. While you’re maximizing your enjoyment, choose to minimize risk and liability by making your loved ones your priority!

Boat smart, boat safe, boat sober.

Waterways are second only to highways when it comes to accidental deaths.  Many factors can impact an individual when underway.  Sun, wind, noise, motion of the water, and even dehydration can act as stressors that can negatively impact a person’s balance, vision, coordination, and judgement.  Add alcohol, and you have seriously magnified all of those things!

Sober judgement should follow you from ship to shore.

Boat with caution.

File a float plan! A written float plan records where you are going and when you plan to return.  It can contain information that could prove useful if you don’t check in at your estimated time of return.  You can leave it with a responsible person prior to launching!

Boat with knowledge

Some states require a boating course when operating certain powerboats.  Make sure you have taken all of the courses that meet the state requirement by doing the research and taking those classes.

Boat with wisdom.  

Wear a life jacket! The pros in bass tournaments and whitewater thrill-seekers do it, so should you and your crew!  The majority of fatalities from mishaps like a capsized vessel or falling overboard can be avoided by simply wearing your life jacket at all times.

Boat with preparedness.

Having all the “right stuff” can make a big difference in an emergency situation: everything from tool kits, first aid kits, weather radio, cell phone or a marine radio, throw lines, charts or maps of the area, extra fuel, to extra drinking water, sunscreen and warm, dry clothing can aid in self-rescue or while you’re waiting for assistance!

Boat with discretion.

Be aware of the weather conditions.  Conditions can quickly change, so take extra caution.  Check the weather conditions for the area, keep an eye to the sky, and, if underway, use discretion and head for shore if conditions appear to be changing for the worse.

Don’t cast your fate to the wind! For more information on boat safety, visit the National Safe Boating Council website.  Speak with an independent agent today about how Preferred Mutual can help you live assured.  With an extension to your homeowners policy, you are incorporating knowledge, wisdom, precaution, experience, discretion, and judgement every time you take to the open waters.

This information is intended for educational purposes only and is not legal advice and/or an authoritative guide.

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